Carrom Foosball Table | The Signature Model Review 2018

carrom signature foosball tableThere are several models of foosball tables to choose from, but when you’re shopping around you need to look for a model that matches your skill level or the level of other members in the home. Do you want a table designed for intermediate players or pros? Do you need a table that’s kid-friendly? Are the components on the table strong enough to handle rough use? Is the setup designed for comfort?

These factors are important if you’re looking for a foosball table that’s versatile enough to be used by the whole family, but you’re on a tight budget. Fear not, there are high-quality models that are affordable but finding the right one can be a challenge.

Fortunately, the Carrom foosball table has caught the eyes of many consumers because it’s a table that truly has a ton of cool features to offer and it’s a model the whole family can use.

The Carrom Signature Foosball Table is designed for game players who are looking for a mid or upper tier model but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a high-quality foosball table. This model is the next step up in quality in Carrom’s foosball line. This table features 5/8 inch thick chrome hollow steel bars and wooden handles.

This model also comes with professional grade bearings that allow for accurate and smooth gameplay, which can encourage players to perform more complex tricks that often require higher quality bearings. The table’s leveling feet are designed to allow this table to be placed on a wide variety of surfaces and still remain level. While these small details and features may seem trivial at first, in the end, this well thought out design provides the ultimate pro playing experience for users of all skill levels.

Carrom Signature Foosball, Wild Cherry
  • Cabinet is Wild Cherry wood laminated (sides and ends)
  • 3/8 inch thick wear resistant play surface
  • Premium counter balanced players with cross-hatch toe design for superior control
  • Signature style" includes: four drink holders (removable), leg levelers, 2" leg supports, scoring beads and wood handles
  • American made

Signature Soccer Table Assessment

This model features a one-inch thick finish and measures in at fifty-five inches with a weight of just over a hundred and sixty pounds. The playing surface features enamel screen printed graphics and the bearings used complement the wood beaded scoring system.

Users can also choose from the one or three goalie setups, which is often based on skill level. If you decide to go with the one goalie setup, you’ll find several corner ramps included which prevents the ball from constantly getting stuck and interrupting a game. Keep in mind that this type of setup can be difficult for younger children to use.

The soccer players in this set are counterbalanced, which is an important characteristic that many pro foosball players consider necessary for any high-quality table.

Many consumers found the assembly process lengthy and somewhat tedious. This is definitely a two person job. The included assembly instructions are vague and make this an even more complicated process for consumers who don’t have experience with this type of table or product assembly. Some consumers recommend watching online instructional videos found on Youtube that can help make this process go a little smoother.

The overall design of the table consists of a combination of functionality and quality. Consumers can choose from three different finishes including the most popular burr oak or Moroccan Fresno or Emeral Santos.

The table’s rod bearings include one row of nineteen balls per bearing and a ball return made from high impact durable plastic for longer use.

Carrom Foosball Table Pros and Cons

Pros: This table is made from one inch thick manufactured wood that’s warp resistant. The hollow steel rods are designed to last and the table itself can easily handle rough play and everyday wear and tear. The playing surface is very thick and features enamel screen printed graphics that are designed to prevent the table from showing signs of wear. This model comes with a one-year product warranty on all parts. The steel rods are high quality yet feel light and smooth. They can also work to provide faster play which makes this table perfect for intermediate and pro level players. The included natural wood handles are designed for style, improved control and comfort.

The legs of the table are made from black vinyl and feature triple chrome plated supports which are two inches thick. The eight-sided handles are well designed for longer playtime comfort.

In terms of sturdiness, consumers found that this model was able to handle rough use and can also remain level even when placed on uneven surfaces.

Cons: Some consumers felt that the ball returns located on the ends of the table instead of on the sides made ball retrieval inconvenient.

But by far, the biggest issues consumers had with this table was the assembly process. Many users were very frustrated with the included instructions and felt that the customer service team took too long to respond when contacted via email regarding assembly issues. As we have mentioned, there are a number of tutorial assembly videos for this model found online that can help to speed up the process, but the manufacturer definitely needs to spend more time perfecting their user manual.

Other consumers felt that this model was too complex for smaller children to use and was not ideal for beginners. A model that is perfect for the beginner or intermediate player is the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, which comes highly recommended by consumers with small children.

Signature Game Table Conclusion and Rating

Despite the fact that assembling this table is what nightmares are made of, consumers who ordered Carrom Signature Foosball Table gave it a star rating of five out of five stars, which make the signature foosball table our top-rated product. The company Carrom gives you every reason to purchase this model and has done a good job of producing a table that can last and one that’s affordable for consumers on a tight budget. If you decide to purchase this model, you’ll enjoy a well-built foosball table and a pro level gaming experience, just plan on recruiting a friend or two to pitch in for the assembly process. Click here for an overview of all tornado foosball table reviews on The Scouting Report.


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