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Foosball Tips

If you’ve just purchased a new foosball table and now know there’s a lot more to winning a game than just spinning a few bars, then you’re desperate to find a strategy or shot that will help you finally beat your friends. Fortunately, for you, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Strategy Tips

If you’re a beginner and you’re playing against friends who have years of experience, then you’ve probably been scouring the internet looking for foosball tricks that can give you a little bit of an edge during your next game. If you’re a newbie, the only chance you have of winning is focusing on defense, learning different shot techniques, and paying attention to your opponent in order to identify any patterns they may have in terms of shots they take or defensive moves.

The following tips will help you defend your goal more aggressively:

  • Never delay or stop the movement when your opponent is on their third bar. Ignore how they shoot and instead focus on moving.
  • Avoid having two men cross the back-center goalie. One of the goalies should remain free in order to defend the goal every time you switch the two-man bar. A good opponent can watch and wait for this crossing, using it to their advantage.
  • Try to avoid using the same moves over and over. An experienced opponent will be able to create a counter or defense against your strategy, so switch it up.
  • When you’re making a shot, make sure you twist your wrist quickly. Doing so allows the rod to rotate up to one hundred and eighty degrees for a more powerful shot that has some nice speed to it.
  • Choose a grip that feels comfortable to you.
  • Find someone to play with that’s better than you so you can play someone who will challenge you and show you new shooting techniques.

Serving Like a Boss

Serving Like a Boss

When you’re serving, always spin the ball on the drop to the five-bar midfielder rod. This will help you maintain possession and control.

You can easily catch the ball by tilting your bars at an angle, allowing one of your men to protect the ball from opponents without bouncing off the ball accidentally. Thirty-five degrees is the ideal angle for catching because it will allow your men to stop the ball’s momentum, in the event of a powerful shot.

Defense Tips

Make sure you always move both defense rods simultaneously and clear the ball. This will help by creating one solid defense. You should also space the units slightly to create less room for the ball to move in between the bodies.

Your men must remain aligned and in constant motion following the ball at all times.

By staggering your defense you’ll ensure the road is sparingly spaced. All of your defensive players will cover an equal area in order to avoid exposing your goal.

As we mentioned earlier, your defense must be unpredictable. Vary both your patterns and movements against your opponent.


The only way you can attack properly is if you’re on top of your passing game. You can practice tic-tac passing, which involves passing the ball side to side between the men that are on the same bar. You can also use brush passes.

Making a goal takes a lot of practice and a variety of techniques. Push shots are similar to the tic-tac pass, but before the ball reaches the third man on the same rod, the second man will quickly shoot the ball towards the goal when your opponent is ready and waiting for you to complete the tic-tac pass. 

Getting distracted by watching the defense while trying to shoot is one of the biggest mistakes many goalies make. Instead, decide which shot you want to try, block out your opponent and keep your eyes on the ball. Most of the time, an opponent will switch defenses in order to confuse you. Try not to let this distract you. Instead, try to choose the right shot, then you can focus one hundred percent on using the proper execution.


When you’re serving it’s totally legal to serve yourself the ball. Because of this, you’re supposed to do a coin toss to determine who gets to serve at the start of a new game. If you just stick the ball through the hole for your serve you’re essentially giving away possession of the ball and giving your opponent the opportunity to score on you.

If you practice spinning the ball on the serve so that it goes directly to your men on the five-bar, you can easily score on your serves.


If you’re new and often play against skilled, seasoned players, it can be easy to become discouraged, which is why practicing is so important. Try practicing at least four or five times a week for one hour. Doing so will perfect your handling, allowing you to gain more control over the rods and your movements in general.

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Final Thoughts

In the beginning, learning how to serve without getting shut down right away will be stressful enough, but allowing your opponent’s men to walk all over you on the field can be almost impossible without practicing defensive tactics.

These foosball tips can totally change how you play, but only with consistent practice can you expect to get any better. Come up with a strategy, serving style, and learn as many shooting techniques as possible so you can keep your opponent guessing each time you play together.

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