Kick Foosball Table Triumph | The Best Review Of 2018

Triump foosball tableFinding a quality foosball table when you’re on a budget can seem almost impossible and if you have limited space in the home and no real experience using a foosball table, then your search for the best foosball table just got a whole lot harder. The type of table you pick should reflect your skill level and the skill level of other players in the home. You’ll also need a table that has a reputation for durability and style.

Owning your own foosball table can be a great way to enjoy a fun game with the family, anytime you want. Fortunately, Kick is a relatively new company that seems to have just popped up out of nowhere and started producing these sweet looking tables that are pretty reasonably priced.

If you’re searching for an affordable foosball table, then chances are you may have noticed Kick products. This company makes several different sizes of tables, all of which seem to be of high quality. Many consumers can agree that currently, Kick is one of the leading manufacturers producing some of the best quality foosball tables on the market, at lower, affordable prices. Their model the Triumph has received plenty of positive feedback from consumers and is currently one of their top selling products.

Kick Table Soccer Rundown

The Triumph features the traditional butcher block design and a deep black finish that gives it a high end look, with a playing surface that measures in at half an inch thick. While it has the appearance of a high-end table, the pricing is actually pretty reasonable. This is a model that has a lot going for it, such as an optional cup holder attachments, improved durability, and high-quality components. It’s also easy to assemble and features weighted players on the table. The sturdy leg levelers ensure fair game play and the playing rods are chrome plated. The user can choose to set the table up as a three or one man goalie configuration, which can work to make each game more challenging. On each end of the table, you’ll find a ball tracker and ball return.

This model is actually preferred over many in this price range because it features a more casual design that makes it easy to place it in any room of the home.

The Triumph measures in at fifty-five inches for an average sturdy fit. This is a table that’s designed to take a beating and it comes with chrome plated player rods and chrome detailing that gives this model a more sophisticated look. The chrome plating on the support beams and round leg casters work to increase the table’s durability, allowing it to easily handle more intense gameplay at the professional level.

The metal casted game rods feature sturdy bearings which allow for smoother spinning. This model also comes with mounted slide scoring which offers more authentic gameplay.

Eleven white and eleven blue soccer players line the gaming surface, with the three or one goalie design. The players are well crafted and actually look like players.

Triumph Sweeper 48" Foosball Table
  • Spacious regulation tournament sized playfield for hours of game play
  • 8-15.8mm diameter chrome plated hollow steel player rods
  • Includes 4-36mm solid soccer balls
  • 26 individual molded players
  • Ergonomic grips for comfortable use

Kick Foosball Table Pros and Cons

foosball tablePros: The chrome plated and metal edges and the other chrome detailed features give this table an elegant look that easily allows it to surpass the plastic games tables in this price range. With its smooth black finish, the table blends well with other furniture in the home and it has an overall modern appeal that allows it to be displayed in any room. The table is also a great choice for users of all skill levels, which makes it a great choice if you have small children in the home.

Consumers felt that the key pieces and rods felt sturdy. The bearings allow the rods to spin smoothly, for flawless gameplay.  Assembly is quick and easy thanks to the well written, assembly instructions.

Cons: Not all consumers were so impressed with the table’s design and look. One consumer stated that some of the so-called chrome pieces were nothing more than plastic that was coated with a chrome paint. The consumer felt that the table contained a mixture of both high-quality components and cheap plastic and particle board pieces. Other users were disappointed with the limitations in terms of finish options. While black does go with everything, some consumers were looking for a more traditional model. The Carrom Signature foosball table features several finish options and is available at around the same price as the Triumph.

Another issue some consumers mentioned involved missing drill holes in some of the pieces. One consumer explained that the table they received was missing the holes drilled in some of the particle board pieces. Particle board can be hard to work with and can easily split, which makes fixing this issue on your own seem rather risky. If you run into this issue we recommend contacting customer service instead of attempting to drill the holes yourself. Keep in mind if you do so and end up splitting a board, the manufacturer probably won’t allow you to exchange it.

Kick Triumph Conclusion and Rating

The feedback for this table was pretty mixed and at times somewhat confusing. While some consumers couldn’t stop raving over the chrome plated components others were unsatisfied with the plastic pieces and the limitations this table seemed to offer in terms of style. But the overall feedback for the table was fairly positive. Consumers who purchased Kick Triumph Foosball Table gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five for three or one goalie setup options, the table’s elegant black finish, pricing and easy assembly. While this model isn’t for everyone, those who can appreciate its style and the innovative setup can enjoy a table that will offer traditional soccer table play for many years to come. Take it or leave it, the Triumph is still a top-selling product for Kick and continues to outsell many models in this price range.


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