Best Foosball Tables for Intermediate and Professional Players 

best-foosball-tableFoosball is a game played on a special table and can be used by two or four players. Each player tries to score a goal by maneuvering miniature players that are attached to a number of poles that span the table’s length. Each player will control four out of eight poles using wooden handles, which are flicked using quick wrist action. The ball is then pushed toward the opponent’s goal. This game is not only a great recreational activity that can be enjoyed by both adults and children, but it’s also a competitive sport.

The best foosball tables can make a great addition to any sports bar, arcade, youth club or home. When you’re shopping for a foosball table, you should understand the different types of tables available and the different factors to consider and what type of table you should buy based on skill level.

A foosball table should be durable and made from strong materials for a longer life span. Higher end models can last twenty years and beyond, depending on the quality of the wood and other components. Most tables will come with some sort of warranty. On average, manufacturers will cover a foosball table for a period of one to two years. The only exception is the type of foosball table that’s referred to as furniture style. These models are more decorative and usually carry a much shorter warranty, but they can still be built just as solid. Keep in mind the key parts to look for when shopping around: men, cabinet, play surface, legs and rods.

The Ultimate Foosball Table Buying Guide

Basically, there are a couple of different types of tables to choose from. The standalone model is more expensive and bigger than a tabletop model. The type of table you choose will depend on your skill level and the skill level of the other players, your budget and the type of space you have available.

The standalone table is an all in one model where the tabletop is attached to a set of sturdy legs. These tables are typically made from solid wood and can end up weighing a couple hundred pounds. A good model should last for a long time and offer players several years of fun and enjoyment. Standalone models are more expensive than tabletop versions because they’re much larger and usually consist of high quality components. Unlike tabletop versions, a standalone foosball table is designed to stay in one place.

For consumers who are very short on space or want a model that can be easily transported to different locations, then a tabletop model is the most suitable. These tabletop foosball tables are designed to rest on a sturdy table during play. Because these tables are smaller and lighter than the standalone models they’re easier to store and transport and are often less expensive.

Some tabletop foosball tables consist of inexpensive materials like plastic. These tables are perfect for young children who are just learning how to play. Tabletop models can be placed on a low table, which allows younger children to easily control the rods. These types of tables can even rest on hard floors or carpeted surfaces easily.

Both types of tables can vary dramatically in price ranging for a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. Once you have determined how much you want to spend on a new table, it’s time to consider the other options available in order to pick the most suitable model that’s within your budget.

foosball-tableThe standard sized foosball table measures in at around fifty-six inches in length and thirty inches in width. We recommend factoring in the amount of space each person will need on both ends of the table in addition to the space needed for the playing rods. Typically, a foosball table will require seven by eight feet of playing space. If you’re looking for a lower priced model for young children to play on, consider purchasing a tabletop model, which will take up much less space. For consumers who are determined to improve their skills or have a goal of playing competitively, a full sized model will be the best option.

Beginners, typically young adults or children, don’t necessarily need a top of the line model. Tabletop versions are perfect for small children because most standard models are thirty-six inches in height, which is way too tall for most children. The height for these tables is not highly adjustable. Most consumers prefer to purchase less expensive models for beginners who are still trying to determine whether or not they enjoy the sport. This style of foosball table features decent rods, an acceptable playing surface and enough stability to handle moderate play.

Intermediate players should ensure that the model they choose has a flat playing surface, smooth moving rods, and a durable structure. A table designed for this skill level is made from stronger materials and features sturdier legs. These tables are often available at mid-range prices and are ideal for people who want to improve their foosball skills in order to eventually advance to a higher skill level.

A table designed for advanced players needs to be very sturdy and regulation size. It should also include strong legs and a large sturdy surface with solid rods that move smoothly.

Foosball Table Designs and Components to Look For

Less expensive models contain particle board materials. Over time, portions of the table made from particle board tends to weaken. The wood can also warp which in turn will cause the joints to loosen with the constant twisting and banging of the rods and the playing surface to become uneven. The best way to determine if a table is good quality is to check the thickness of the table’s surface and find out how much it weighs. The thickness of the table’s surface shouldn’t be less than an inch and the table should not weigh less than seventy pounds. While these tables are available at a lower price, when you compare them to high end models they offer very little quality play or durability.

High end models are often made from either solid or composite wood. However, not all types of wood are created equal. Composite is more resistant to moisture compared to particle board and it’s also less prone to damage. However, not all tables with a solid wood surface share the same thickness level. Be sure you purchase a table that has a surface thickness of at least one inch for more durability. Some of the higher quality tables have a surface thickness of almost two inches. Thick sidewalls can help to prevent movement so the game won’t be affected.

If a table you’re interested in has a logo or a pattern, make sure you check to see if these graphics are imbedded in the wood. Some of these decals are just stickers that will peel off over time, which of course can affect the look of the table and how it plays.

The field markings on a table will help the user to line up the ball during a game and are actually an important part of the foosball table’s appearance. Like other patterns, some manufacturers will use a low quality process to apply these field markings to the table’s surface. These markings will wear off over time, which can make your table look beat up and old. A higher quality model will have field markings that are permanently dyed into the laminate, so the design is built right in and can be replaced if it ever wears out.

If you’re in the market for a high end foosball table that’s designed for serious players, hollow steel rods are the best option. Compared to solid rods, hollow rods are significantly lighter and allow for more speed and swifter movement when playing. Because the hollow rods are lighter they won’t cause the forearms, wrists and hands to tire out as quickly as they would when playing on a table that uses solid steel rods.

ultimate-foosball-tableA standard foosball table will feature a height around thirty-six inches. This is a suitable height for adults or older teens. If you’re purchasing a table that’s going to be used by both children and adults, you should purchase one that’s equipped with adjustable legs. High quality models will feature levelers on the base of adjustable table legs. This means that you can enjoy playing on a level surface even if the table is placed on uneven terrain. Foosball is actually considered a game of precision and having one that’s even just slightly uneven can alter the entire game play experience and may even give your opponent an advantage.

The number of men on the goalie rod is one of the biggest differences that you’ll notice between different models. Some foosball tables will have only a single goalie, while others will have a side defender that’s mounted on either side of the goalie. This is referred to as a three man goalie system and most models of American foosball tables will use it. The one man goalie system is still pretty popular in Europe and China. Many tables can also be converted to a one or three goalie system. This option adds a ton of versatility to a table.

These tables also have a variety of speeds depending on the type of surface that the ball moves over. The harder and smoother the surface of the table is, the faster the ball can move. Most foosballs sold in America have a hard finish that allows for faster play time. The best players in the country will only play on extremely fast tables, so the best way to advance to the pro level is to play on this type of table. This will allow angled shots on goals, passing from line to line and the ability to improve your skills over time.

As we have mentioned, price will be another important factor and one that can prevent you from owning the foosball table you’ve always dreamed of. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little research, you can read foosball table reviews and learn how lower priced models performed in order to find a model that has the features you’re looking for at a price that’s affordable.

Foosball Table Comparison Chart

primo-soccer-table-by-hathawayHathaway Primo Soccer Table ReviewFeatures a 3/8” thick playing surface

One goalie setup

Only available in brown finish

kick-triumph-foosball-tableKick Triumph Foosball TableHalf inch thick playing surface

One or three goalie setup

Only available in black finish
carrom-signature-foosball-tableCarrom Signature Foosball TableOne inch thick playing surface

One or three goalie setup

Features three finish choices
T3000Tornado T3000 Foosball Table3/4" thick playing surface

1.5" side walls

One or three goalie setup

Side ball return

Tornado Foosball Table Reviews

Tornado T3000

The Tornado foosball tables are the top in their class. The Tournament 3000 is used in competitions all over the world and is the industry standard. Tornado offers both professional/commercial tables as well as recreational tables for home us. They come in a variety of colors and finishes and offer different quality features.

These tables boast the best quality in the industry.

We review the following Tornado foosball tables:

  • T3000
  • Sport
  • Classic
  • Elite
  • Worthington
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Hathaway Primo Soccer Table Review

primo-soccer-table-by-hathawayThe Primo foosball table by Hathaway features an MDF play surface that’s one inch thick, while other models in this price range typically offer a surface area that’s only 5/8” thick. With solid steel rods, players at the professional level may find these rods to be too heavy. This model also comes with leg levelers, which work to ensure you’re playing on a solid surface even when the table is placed on uneven ground. This model only comes with a one goalie setup, opposed to three. This can be an issue for beginners or intermediate players.

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Kick Triumph Foosball Table Review

kick-triumph-foosball-tableThe Triumph by Kick foosball table is a popular model that features a modern black finish that gives it a high end look. The table also comes with weighted players, leg levelers, optional cup holder and chrome plated rods. Located on each end of the table you’ll also find a ball return and ball tracker. This table received plenty of positive consumer feedback and has a lot to offer in terms of style and quality.

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Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review

carrom-signature-foosball-tableThe Signature foosball table by Carrom is our top rated product and for good reason. Equipped with professional grade bearings for an improved playing experience, you’ll enjoy a smooth, accurate game that allows you to play like a pro. This table also comes with an extra thick playing surface made from wood that’s warp resistant and hollow steel rods that allow for faster play.

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