Tornado Foosball Table Review & Comparison For Pro & Family

If you’ve become an avid fan of playing foosball regularly, you may have come to know the brand name Tornado in the foosball world to be the best there is. Tornado sponsors world foosball tournaments and provide their professional series tables for these official competitions. Perhaps you’re thinking of becoming a professional foosball player at some point and are looking at getting your own Tornado foosball table.

One of the things to mention about Tornado is that all of their tables are made in the USA. They are the top quality brand for both recreational and serious players.

Tornado offers a variety of models that vary in price, features, and quality. We’ll take an in-depth look at some of the more popular options in each category so that our review will give you some insight into which one is right for you. Whether you are a professional, want to practice to become a pro foosball player, or just want the best quality for your man cave, we can help you pick!

Basically there are two main categories for their tables. They offer a selection of commercial/professional tables, and they offer a variety for recreational home use. Now obviously you can put a professional table in your home, but there are going to be some major style differences. The professional tables look like they belong in a commercial game room or tournament arena whereas the home tables provide a more classic look that may accommodate your décor better.

Standard Features For All Tornado Tables

All tables are built in the USA and encompass superior quality in every feature of their construction. All the player men are the same on every table as well as the balls, rubber bumpers (on the playing rods), and a 3/4” playing field with precise graphics to enhance shot accuracy.

The Professional Tornado Foosball Table

Tornado T3000Let’s get your mouth watering over the professional tables first before we discuss options that may be more suitable for the man cave dude looking to go pro later in the future. There are two professional tables in the Tornado lineup. They are virtually identical except on is coin op and the other is non-coin op. If you’re putting this bad boy in your man cave, frat house, etc, you may not want the coin op version (unless you want to monetize your guests). The coin operated Tornado T3000 is generally marketed towards arcades, commercial game rooms, and other recreation centers. However, the coin op tables can be configured for free play!

Tornado T3000 Review

The Tornado T3000 foosball table is the professional competition series that comes with improved foosball men that have sharper corners and a wider surface for better control of the ball. The men are yellow and black and match the score counter colors. The thin-wall split bearings through which the solid-iron, chrome-plated rods travel offer superior handling and ball control even during high tension moments.

The table itself has a very rugged and sturdy design built to last and weather heated competition time and time again. The stainless-steal laminate boasts a large, bold Tornado logo providing a more sporty tournament finish as opposed to a classic black or wood look. The table has a split-cabinet design so that the top can come off if necessary for full access to the playing surface. This is in case the playing surface needs to be cleaned or refinished/replaced if damaged.

The solid commercial-grade legs come with adjustable leg levelers to literally ensure an even playing field. The player rods have color-matching super high grip handles. The coin table ways 365 lbs where as the non-coin table weighs 355 lbs.

There is only one thing left to be said about this table: it is the standard competition foosball table, so if you are looking to go pro, you may as well practice on one of these.


Recreational Tornado Tables

Recreational Table Comparison Chart

Now that we’ve covered the professional series, lets get to the recreational series. We’ll start with the lower-budget options first.

Tornado Sport Review

With a sidewall thickness of 1” and a weight of 205 lbs, the Tornado Sport is still a very solid table. The mahogany melamite finish provides an elegant design. The leg height can be adjusted for younger players. The table provides end ball return as opposed to single side ball return. The playing rods feature black SureGrip handles for good control. This table is perfect for family fun yet can hold up to more serious game-play as well. It is the best in it’s class compared to any other brand in this entry-level price range.


Tornado Classic Review

This table has a 1.5” sidewall thickness and weighs 225 lbs for a very solid and durable construction. It has a more contemporary look with a soft leather laminate finish. The adjustable leg levelers make it easy to ensure a level playing field. For added stability, they have added down corner construction and leg pads. The layout provides single side ball return, and the overall robust construction and contemporary aesthetics puts this in the next price point above the Tornado Sport.


Tornado Elite Review

The Tornado Elite offers the same quality construction as the Tornado Classic in that it has 1.5” thick sidewalls and weighs 225 lbs. However, it does provide some additional quality features such as natural wood handles, heavy gauge playing rods, dual ball return, durable laminate exterior, different color options, adjustable leg levelers, and 3-piece bearings for easy cleaning. Still in the mid-level price category, it is a step up from the Classic table.


Tornado Worthington Review

At the top of its class for recreational foostball tables, the Tornado Worthington provides some additional aesthetics and construction improvements. The Worthington comes in a black and soft maple wood finish, has commercial-grade playing rods, and commercial-grade leg levelers. Weighing 350 lbs and including 1.5” thick sidewalls, the Tornado Worthington rivals the T3000 in price and quality. It just offers a more fitting look for home décor.


What ever your foosball needs entail, the Tornado foosball tables cannot be beat in quality, durability, and accuracy.