2011 NHL Draft Top 100 Skaters: (76-100)

2011 Draft Rankings, TSR Features | 30 May 2011

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76. RC Philippe Hudon - Choate-Rosemary (HS-CT)

DOB: Apr. 15/93 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.00 | Weight: 183lbs
Midterm Rank: 51 | League Rank: 1st HS-CT | Country Rank: 31st Canada
Hudon was highly regarded at the start of the season but failed to take a significant offensive step forward at the Prep School level. He’s got a decent frame to work with and plays a pretty hard-nosed game, indicating his role will likely be as more of a third line player at the next level. Still, his lack of production is concerning, and the fact that a “power forward” will be heading to Cornell might also be a bit of an issue for NHL teams.

77. LD Max Everson - Edina (HS-MN)

DOB: Feb. 22/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.00 | Weight: 184lbs
Midterm Rank: 60 | League Rank: 4th HS-MN | Country Rank: 21st USA
Solid defender who depends a lot on his skating and ability to maintain gap control with opposing forwards. Doesn’t have a ton of high-end upside, but the Harvard commit does enough well where he is a steady prospect that might be able to develop a bit of offense in time.

78. LC Tobias Rieder - Kitchener (OHL)

DOB: Jan. 10/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 5.10 | Weight: 170lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 20th OHL | Country Rank: 1st Germany
There was high praise for Rieder at the start of the year as the German born center/winger came over to Kitchener with fairly high expectations. After starting out the year at a pretty good pace, Rieder slowed down as the year progressed. He’s a little undersized but he definitely competes hard for his size and wears his heart on his sleeve on the ice. Didn’t have a great showing during the World Juniors but by the 3rd or 4th round, he’ll be a decent prospect to see if he can continue to develop his offensive game over the next couple of seasons.

79. LW Gregory Hofmann - Ambri-Piotta (NLA)

DOB: Nov. 13/92 | Shoots: L | Height: 5.11 | Weight: 165lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 1st NLA | Country Rank: 2nd Swiss
Hofmann is a talented Swiss forward that has the offensive skill-set of a player who would go a lot higher in the draft. His vision is above average and he has a decent enough shot to go along with it. Concerns center around his strength as he is simply too weak currently and is easily muscled off the puck and pushed around on the ice. This issue is going to mitigate a lot of the upside with Hofmann and could scare some NHL teams away.

80. LC Alan Quine - Kingston (OHL)

DOB: Jan. 10/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.00 | Weight: 181lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 21st OHL | Country Rank: 32nd Canada
Quine came into the OHL with a ton of expectations as the #2 pick and hasn’t really been able to live up to them even despite a mid-season change of scenery. After failing to find any success with the Frontenacs, Quine was dealt to Peterborough in the Ryan Spooner trade and found a bit more success with the Petes. He’s a pretty dynamic player when he’s on as his blend of speed and skill do make him an offensive threat. Quine’s issue is finding consistency as he can go through lulls where he’s highly ineffective, in addition to being a very poor defensive center. His game is plagued by failing to pick up his man and missing defensive zone coverage assignments, which is something he really needs to work on the next couple of years in the OHL.

81. RD Tyler Hansen - Kamloops (WHL)

DOB: Mar. 17/93 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.03 | Weight: 192lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 15th WHL | Country Rank: 33rd Canada
Hansen is exactly what Western Hockey League defensemen are bred to be; physical, good defensively, and not afraid to drop the mitts. Hansen is a raw prospect that will need some time to develop, and will also need to fill in to his tall frame. He is a good skating, stay at home defenseman who likely won’t stand out on most nights. He does most of the little things effectively, and is the type of player that keeps opposition players honest, both with his defensive play and his fighting ability.

82. RW Josh Leivo - Sudbury (OHL)

DOB: May 26/93 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.02 | Weight: 185lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 22nd OHL | Country Rank: 34th Canada
Josh Leivo from September-December vs. Josh Leivo the second half of the season are about as much of polar opposites as you’ll find in any prospect in this draft. After barely establishing himself as an OHL caliber player during the first half of his rookie season, Leivo maintained a PPG pace throughout the second half and went on to become one of the biggest revelations during the OHL playoffs. He’s a big winger who has a good mind for the game and knows where to go on the ice. Has good anticipation and can play the PK as well. Could be a pretty big steal if he can continue to build on the latter part of his rookie season.

83. RW Matej Stransky - Saskatoon (WHL)

DOB: Jul. 11/93 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.02 | Weight: 195lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 16th WHL | Country Rank: 3rd Czech
Much like teammate Marek Viedensky, Matej (Matt) Stransky possesses a nice combination of skill and size. Also like Viedensky, the Czech-born Stransky has adjusted well to the North American game and should prove to be a worthwhile investment on draft day. While he is more of a project pick at this point, he has very good size and is tough to move off the puck. He is also more skilled than his numbers would suggest. The problem for him has been consistency, but there is no denying his talent. After a good but inconsistent regular season, Stransky turned up the play during the playoffs. Some patience will be needed with him, but with the many changes expected in Saskatoon next year, Stransky will be given the opportunity to play a bigger role with the Blades.

84. RC Johan Sundstrom - Frolunda (SEL)

DOB: Sep. 21/92 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.03 | Weight: 196lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 6th SEL | Country Rank: 11th Sweden
Big center who was a member of the Swedish U20 team in Buffalo this season. Doesn’t have a ton of offensive upside but works hard and has a bit of grit that could be used in a checking role. Will be given some time to develop at home and could translate into a solid bottom line player one day.

85. RD Justin Sefton - Sudbury (OHL)

DOB: Apr. 14/93 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.03 | Weight: 201lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 23rd OHL | Country Rank: 35th Canada
Sefton struggled to adapt to the OHL as a rookie and it took him awhile to get his feet under him this season as well, but he’s finally showing the type of player he can be. Sefton is a nasty defenseman to play against and someone that will make you pay on every shift either through physical play, or nasty Chris Pronger-esque slashes in front of the net. He’s still working on his skating and acceleration, but he’s not a bad technical skater. Offensive upside is minimal; although he does have a pretty hard shot but will need to work on getting it off more frequently.

86. LC Nick Cousins - Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)

DOB: Aug. 20/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 5.10 | Weight: 170lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 24th OHL | Country Rank: 36th Canada
Cousins is a bit of an enigma who we have trouble determining a role at the next level for. He’s a scrappy little player who does a bit of everything on the ice and isn’t afraid to mix things up, trying especially hard to get under opponents’ skin. He’s got a bit of an awkward stride, but his combination of skill and offensive awareness is enough for him to make things happen out there. Our issue is seeing how much of his game translates to an offensive role at the next level and trying to figure out whether or not some of his character issues will hinder his efforts to make that jump.

87. LD Dillon Simpson - North Dakota (NCAA)

DOB: Aug. 20/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.01 | Weight: 195lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 7th NCAA | Country Rank: 37th Canada
In hindsight, Simpson’s draft stock was likely hurt by playing in the NCAA as a 17-year-old, as Simpson didn’t get the ice-time or live up to the expectations most had for him. The son of former NHLer Craig Simpson, Dillon had a strong rookie season in the AJHL a year ago but had some issues with the speed of the college game. He has some decent ability and is a fairly smart defenseman but will need to really improve his skating if he wants to be a legitimate NHL prospect. He will have some time to develop over the next few years and should be well worth a 3rd round pick to see if he can improve on those deficiencies.

88. LW Joachim Nermark - Linkoping (SEL)

DOB: May 12/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.01 | Weight: 187lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 7th SEL | Country Rank: 12th Sweden
Nermark is a bit of an enigma who showed some promise in the Ivan Hlinka before being fairly average during the club season. He’s got a good frame to work with and certainly has the puck skills to go along with it but needs to produce on a more consistent basis. A good showing in the U18’s could have rectified some of the concerns about his game but Nermark was pretty disappointing for Sweden with only 1 goal.

89. RW Maxim Shalunov - Chelyabinsk (MHL)

DOB: Jan. 31/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.03 | Weight: 183lbs
Midterm Rank: 47 | League Rank: 3rd MHL | Country Rank: 7th Russia
Big winger with high skill level and a package of goods that will excite fans some of the time, and frustrate them the rest. Shalunov is an inconsistent player who can be the best player on the ice when he’s on the game, only to disappear the rest of the game. He’s worth the “risk” in the 3rd round, but we can’t envision anyone stepping up to take him any higher.

90. LD Brendan Kichton - Spokane (WHL)

DOB: Jun. 18/92 | Shoots: L | Height: 5.11 | Weight: 185lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 17th WHL | Country Rank: 38th Canada
After going undrafted last year, Kichton earned an invite to camp with the Detroit Red Wings. While he impressed the Detroit brass enough to earn an extended stay, he suffered a broken wrist that would delay the start to his junior season. Once back, Kichton exploded for 81 points and a +55 rating in 64 games, leading a young Chiefs team deep into the playoffs. Kichton is a great skater with very good lateral movement, a gifted passer and jumps into the rush at just the right moment, creating odd man rushes and scoring chances. The smallish Kichton will have to prove he can handle the physical rigors of the pro game, but certainly looks primed for another big season in the WHL next year.

91. LW Zac Larraza - USNTDP U18 (USHL)

DOB: Feb. 25/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.02 | Weight: 192lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 9th USHL | Country Rank: 22nd USA
Larraza has the look of a prototypical pro winger. He skates well and plays a very simple, effective game and takes care of his side of the ice. He’s strong on the boards and plays a smart defensive game. He has a nice, powerful stride and will gain more speed as he adds bulk to his frame. Larraza should be a nice pick for a club willing to show patience and let him grow and mature at Denver.

92. LD Zach Yuen - Tri-City (WHL)

DOB: Mar. 03/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.00 | Weight: 205lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 18th WHL | Country Rank: 39th Canada
Zach Yuen has quietly become one of the top all-around defensemen in the WHL. Yuen is a solid skater, plays a strong physical game, and can chip in offensively. While he doesn’t do any one thing that will garner big attention, he’s the kind of player that can play just about any style of game that’s asked of him. Yuen is a steady influence on the blueline, and does most of the little things right on a nightly basis, making his teammates better whenever he’s on the ice. Zach Yuen is the type of player every coach loves to have, as you can put him on the ice in any situation and know what you’re getting.

93. LD Garrett Haar - Fargo (USHL)

DOB: Aug. 16/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.00 | Weight: 193lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 10th USHL | Country Rank: 23rd USA
Haar oozes athleticism that is sure to excite scouts. His footwork is particular strong allowing him to move well laterally and display confidence by maintaining tight gap control. He’s tough to get around as he has the knack and ability to step into the puck carrier and separate him from the puck. Haar also keeps his head on a swivel and reads his backchecking support to know when to pressure the puck carrier. Haar just needs to pick his spots better as he can be prone to taking himself out of position in order to make a great offensive play. He also needs to improve on some of the finer points of the game in areas such as taking better angles when forcing the puck carrier in the corner.

94. LW Marek Tvrdon - Vancouver (WHL)

DOB: Jan. 1/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.02 | Weight: 212lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 19th WHL | Country Rank: 2nd Slovakia
Tvrdon had a very nice start to the season posting 11 points in the first 12 games of the season. Unfortunately, those 12 games were all he would end up playing this year as a shoulder injury ended his season prematurely. Tvrdon has good size and uses his strength to outmuscle opponents and create scoring chances. Once he is in position to shoot, Tvrdon uses a hard wrist shot that has proven to be effective for him.

95. LC Sean Kuraly - Indiana (USHL)

DOB: Jan. 20/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.02 | Weight: 192lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 11th USHL | Country Rank: 24th USA
Kuraly appears to have benefited by being on an experienced, high scoring team with the Ice. He’s a big kid who figures to get even bigger and stronger. He contributes at both ends and shows the ability to get open and make plays with the puck. He also is strong in front of the net and battles for rebounds and deflections. Kuraly works hard to get from point A to point B but needs to lengthen his stride a little to be a more efficient skater.

96. RW Max Le Sieur - Shawinigan (QMJHL)

DOB: Sep. 27/92 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.00 | Weight: 203lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 9th QMJHL | Country Rank: 40th Canada
Le Sieur finally had his break-out season in his third year in the QMJHL and became a bit of an offensive threat this season. He’s got decent speed and competes alright depending on the game. Can be guilty of making poor plays on offense and leaves chances unfinished sometimes. Will be a project pick but could have some more upside left in his game.

97. LD Joakim Ryan - Dubuque (USHL)

DOB: Jun. 17/92 | Shoots: L | Height: 5.10 | Weight: 182lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 12th USHL | Country Rank: 25th USA
Ryan displays tons of high-end offensive talent. He’s a good skater who doesn’t slow down when he has the puck and attacks the blue line with speed. He has good vision and instincts to anticipate the open lanes to enter the offensive zone. Ryan passes well and has the creativity to open up the ice for his teammates. Defensively, Ryan seems to know the game and also plays with an edge usually seen by bigger players. There is enough upside to excite you but he has to be more consistent.

98. LC Jean-Francois Leblanc - Val d’Or (QMJHL)

DOB: Mar. 03/93 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.04 | Weight: 192lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 10th QMJHL | Country Rank: 41st Canada
Leblanc is very much an unfinished product at this point and has a lot of work ahead of him to lose that label. He’s a big, wiry, and fairly awkward skating pivot who really needs to improve his feet and add some bulk to his frame before he can take the next step. With that being said, he’s a pretty smart player and has good hockey sense with the ability to make things happen. As mentioned, he’s a project type pick, but the upside is there if everything pans out.

99. RD Matt Killian - Delbarton (HS-NJ)

DOB: Oct. 20/92 | Shoots: R | Height: 6.01 | Weight: 191lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 1st HS-NJ | Country Rank: 26th USA
Safe, solid, and skating are three words that come to mind when describing Matt Killian. The Yale commit isn’t going to blow you away with offensive upside but he can play a steady game on the backend without taking many risks. Seems like a solid mid-round pick who will have some time to develop at Yale.

100. LD Patrick Koudys - RPI (NCAA)

DOB: Nov. 15/92 | Shoots: L | Height: 6.04 | Weight: 196lbs
Midterm Rank: NR | League Rank: 8th NCAA | Country Rank: 42nd Canada
Koudys had a bit of a prolonged adjustment to the NCAA this year after spending last season with the OJHL’s Burlington Cougars. Koudys has plenty of size and is a fairly mobile player with decent pivot ability; both attractive attributes. Offensive upside is questionable and his overall impact on the game probably isn’t as big as you would hope for him. Could be an interesting prospect to see if his overall game comes around at RPI.

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